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The best contraceptive method - the choice is yours!

Are you looking for the best contraceptive method or are you dissatisfied with your current contraceptive method? No matter which contraceptive method you are interested in – we will help you to keep your perspective in the jungle of possibilities and work with you to select the best contraceptive option for you.

The classic among the multitude of contraceptive methods is certainly the pill – a success story that has now been going on for decades, and not without good reason. Hardly any other contraceptive offers such a high level of safety and a comparable number of positive side effects with many years of treatment experience. The number of different pill preparations is now almost as large as the number of users. In addition to preparations that are dosed as low as possible, which do not significantly increase the risk of thrombosis, there are also pills with natural estrogen and highly effective preparations in the treatment of severe menstrual pain, acne and premenstrual syndrome. You can also choose between the classic application and the long-cycle application.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you see a need for optimization of your current pill or if you are interested in another preparation.

In addition to the pill, other new hormonal contraceptive methods have also gained popularity in recent years. This includes, for example, the hormone ring, which, in addition to the convenience of “not having to think about contraception every day”, also enables hormone absorption without being metabolized by the liver.

In addition, new, low-dose hormone spirals offer a multi-year, reliable contraceptive option with natural menstrual cycles for women of all ages.

Aside from the women who get along very well with taking hormones and who never develop side effects or complications in the course of their lives, the proportion of women who want hormone-free contraception that is as natural as possible is also growing. In our day-to-day practice, the question often arises as to which hormone-free contraceptive methods are actually available, for which women and for which stage of life these contraceptive methods are particularly suitable, how safe they are and what disadvantages they have in addition to the obvious advantage of not being part of the natural processes of the human body intervene on the female body?

We see it as our task to provide you with comprehensive advice on these issues and to work with you to find the most suitable contraceptive method for you. You are welcome to make an appointment for a consultation – we look forward to being at your side competently and openly in all questions relating to contraception. We advise you transparently on the following methods:

Hormone-free birth control methods:

  • Copper systems: copper spiral, chain, ball
  • condom
  • diaphragm
  • Calendar method/symptothermal contraception
  • sterilization

Hormonal contraceptive methods:

  • pill
  • contraceptive ring
  • contraceptive patch
  • contraceptive sticks
  • 3-month injection
  • hormone spirals