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Würzburger Landstraße 7, 91522 Ansbach
0981 42100-20


MVZ Frauenärzte am Bürgerpark in Ansbach
As one of the biggest gynecological medical centers in the Ansbach area, we provide extensive care for women and female health.
At our office, you will find highly educated professionals for every important subject.

Birth control
IUD, diaphragm or the pill? With or without using hormones? We gladly find the perfect solution with you and for you!

No matter your age, your sexual orientation, your body type or whether you already had sex or not: we are here for you. Just ask us your questions, whatever they may be, we are happy to help!
Between the age of 45 and 55, every woman is going through a big change. Menopause is the natural process of a slow but steady change in your hormonal state.

Outpatient surgery
Our outpatient surgeries are performed by our physicians at the surgery center (OP-Zentrum) in Ansbach. We only work with highly educated staff and medical equipment of the highest standards.
Through continuous advanced training, we are always up to date on newest medical standards to provide you with the best possible preventive care during your check-up appointments.
MonaLisa Touch®
Millions of women experience discomfort because of unpleasant changes in their vaginal health. We can now provide with a brand-new course of treatment that can drastically improve your condition.