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Between the ages of 45 and 55, every woman experiences major changes.

Menopause is the natural process of a slow hormonal change in ovarian function. This process is quite complicated as many hormones and substances regulate and affect the body.

The menopause is divided into three phases. When the menopause begins and how long it lasts is very individual and different. Genetic factors, physical characteristics, daily habits and external factors play a major role.

Premenopause is the intermediate phase when ovarian function/ovulation is still present but no longer functioning regularly, fertility decreases. The first symptoms are primarily menstrual disorders, menstrual irregularities, complaints such as mood swings, water retention, breast tenderness.

These symptoms are most severe during the perimenopause. One reason for this is low estrogen levels. Menopause begins with a last spontaneous menstrual period. When there has been no bleeding for a year, postmenopause begins. From this phase, fertility is complete.

Statistically, two-thirds of women suffer from menopausal symptoms. We will be happy to accompany you through the various phases and provide you with competent advice on individual treatments.

Do you have the below-mentioned complaints, such as:

  • cycle irregularities
  • hot flashes
  • sweats
  • sleep disorders (insomnia, trouble falling asleep)
  • weight gain
  • Mood swings (inner restlessness, nervousness, aggressiveness, inner tension)
  • Depressed mood, mental exhaustion
  • Dry skin, hair loss, masculinization
  • Sexual problems, vaginal dryness
  • Frequent urinary tract infections; urinary problems
  • Heart problems, joint and muscle problems
  • osteoporosis

Our competent doctors would be happy to advise you first in a personal meeting, which may then be supported by in-house laboratory diagnostics. Talk to us and make an appointment in our MVZ!

In addition, we have the opportunity to treat / alleviate symptoms / discomfort with the state-of-the-art vaginal laser MLT (MonaLisa Touch®).