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MVZ gynecologists at Bürgerpark and its branch
Your first visit at the gynecologist – pretty exciting, right? And pretty intimate!

That is precisely the reason we want you to really feel comfortable during your first visit. Why not take a look at our team of doctors to get a first impression to see which one you would feel most comfortable with for your first appointment?

All of our doctors have something in common: no matter your exact age, your sexual orientation, your body type or your sexual experiences so far, we are here for you! There is no question you cannot ask. And of course, everything you talk to us about is strictly confidential. You ask, we won’t tell, even if you are a minor. This is a safe space for you.
If you would prefer to bring a friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend or a parent, you can do that, of course. In that case, please check with our staff if there currently are any restrictions concerning COVID-19 beforehand.
We put together a little FAQ for you, alongside some tips for your visit.
Your first visit is all about getting to know us (especially your physician) and our clinic in general. During a conversation with your doctor, you can ask away. If you would prefer to not be examined during your first appointment, we can almost always make that happen. Just let us know! Communication is everything here.

Not really, but there are some things you can keep in mind. For example, many patients choose longer clothing (like a long shirt or a dress) for their appointments because it helps them feel less “naked”. In Germany, clinics and doctor’s offices usually do not provide robes or any other disposable garments. If you feel like changing into something else that you brought for your exam, we have changing booths available for you in our exam rooms.

There is no need for a special kind of hygiene! You also don’t need to remove any body hair for us. We know and love the female body in every form and shape!

You might want to think about what you would like to know from your doctor. Some of the topics that are usually discussed are your period (if you have documentation of your cycle, bring it, that’s great!), medical family history, sexual contraception, allergies, previous surgeries and your general health.

If you would like to fill out some of the paperwork up front at home, you can download our “patient’s history form” and our “pill form” from our website. If you have a vaccination certificate, please bring it!

There is no specific age or point in life where you have to do that. Do what feels right for you or just contact us if you have questions to ask. There are some situations though where you should definitely make an appointment:
  • Are you missing a period?
  • Is your cycle very irregular?
  • Is your period unusually strong?
  • Are you in a lot of pain during your period?
  • Do you experience vaginal discomfort? Itching, stinging, burning?
  • Strongly smelling discharge? Strange color?
  • Pain in your breasts?
  • Do you have a contraceptive method to prevent pregnancy?
  • Do you think you could be pregnant?
  • Do you think you might need the morning-after pill?
No, you absolutely don’t! Even if a medical exam is necessary, you do not need to undress completely. You only have to take off your pants/skirt or your shirt, depending on what needs to be examined, but never both at the same time.
In general: We will never do anything you don’t want us to do. Plus, we will talk you though every step of the way. A gynecological exam is not painful, no matter what you might have heard. After a good with your doctor, you can enter the changing booth in the exam room and take off the clothes necessary for the exam. The actual exam takes place in a gynecological chair (this is the most comfortable way) with stirrups. First, your doctor examines your vulva (the “outside” of your vagina), then they carefully examine the inside of your vagina using a so-called speculum (to get a better view). They examine your cervix, which is also a possible opportunity to get a pap smear. Then follows an examination of your ovaries, bladder and cervix placing one hand on your belly and the other doing the examination. Occasionally, a vaginal ultrasound is done. But none of this is painful, we promise!