Our team of physicians incorporates an impressive mixture of extensive experience and new ideas, insights and methods. Young doctors and colleagues working in hospitals are seamlessly integrated into the existing team. As a result, we have a broad range of different areas of specialization at our disposal to ensure the best possible standard of care for you.



Dr. Kristin Siewert-Neudeck

Studied at the University Erlangen before working at the trauma surgery clinic Dr. Erler in Nuremberg. Trained to become a specialist at the hospital Ansbach between 1982 and 1990; for the last three years as senior physician. Has been working as gynecologist with an own practice since 1991 – increasing collaboration with other colleagues at the OB/Gyn. Associates at Bürgerpark since 1999.
Dr. Kristin Siewert-Neudeck is specializing in the following fields: care of pregnant women, ultrasound, preventive medicine, hormone and metabolic therapy according to the CMI, outpatient surgeries, TCM acupuncture and vaccination advice.


Dr. Stefan Schwarz

Studied medicine at the University Erlangen before working as assistant physician in the division for gynecology at the hospital Nord in Nuremberg and in the division for surgery at the district hospital Roth. Performed development work at the Mulanje Mission Hospital in Malawi/Africa between 1989 and 1992. Next he worked at the hospital Ansbach for seven years, last as managing senior physician for gynecology. Practicing gynecologist at the OB/Gyn. Associates since 1999.
Dr. Schwarz is specializing in: breast diagnostics,
hormone and metabolic therapy, infertility treatment, surgeries, care of pregnant women, ultrasound, acupuncture and NLP coaching.


Ulrike Eichhorn

Trained to become a registered nurse, studied medicine and obtained the specialist designation for ear nose and throat disorders from the University Hospital Magdeburg. Obtained specialist training for gynecology and obstetrics in Halberstadt. Has been working at the OB/Gyn. Associates since 2008.  
Ms. Eichhorn specializes in: care of pregnant women, consulting hours for youth, hormone therapy and cancer patient care.


Karolin Weihermann

>Studied medicine at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen/Nürnberg.
Medical specialization in gynaecology and midwifery at Women‘s Clinic Coburg as well as the department of gynaecology in Ansbach Hospital. Practicing at   
Bürgerpark since January 2012. Key treatment areas of the practice: Especially youth consultation, but also care of pregnant women and hormonotherapy.