Our OB/Gyn. Associates at Bürgerpark would like to warmly welcome you with our promise to treat you based on the state-of-the art medical advances while at the same time making you feel highly valued.

Young highly trained colleagues assist our team of experienced physicians to provide you with the best possible standard of care. The assurance of being treated in accordance with the latest knowledge and methods is aimed at making you feel pleasant and pampered.

A comfortable ambience combined with competence and first-class medicine and technology is an assurance that you are getting the best care possible, a true confidence-booster. After all, it is about your health, your joy and your quality of life.

We take time to help us get acquainted and to appreciate each other from the very first consultation. We promise to take your concerns seriously and show you the possible options and solutions that are suitable for you in a transparent way. Our team of physicians with different areas of specialization possesses a broad range of resources and methods for this purpose.